Hello World!

Hello there, I'm Heather. Wife to Nick, Momma to Atwood and Anders and sewing addict.

I started sewing a few short years ago when I needed something/some way to clear my mind. I needed something to keep me busy. Ok, well maybe not me (hello, I have children) but my mind. My husband was my enabler, he bought me my sewing machine when he realized I needed something too. Something that made me more than just a Momma, something that gave me a little time to myself.   I started out with rather easy items and quickly moved into clothing for Atwood. The addiction was immediate. Seeing my little guy run around in something I made brought this huge sense of gratification. Now, here I am today with machines, fabric, and thread out the wazoo.

I decided to start this venture because I like to sew and I like to talk! (lol)  Ok, kidding aside (kinda) sewing got me from the dark cloud I was under. Like many parents, I fell into a "funk" after having babies. So I decided to share how rewarding this "hobby" can be. Some may just see it as me sewing a garment, but to me, it's a lot more than that. 

A special thanks to Nick, my husband, for always being my encouragement and believing in me. To my mom who always listens to me oogle and google about everything sewing. My grandma who taught me how to sew those scrunchies, oh so many years ago. Lastly, my boys who may or may not model my threads willingly. 

Thanks to everyone following along!

If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact me.



Heather Naretto