Knit is my Forte

Within the sewing community there are many niches.

Garment making (knit or woven fabrics), embroidery, and quilting are just a few that come to mind. I fall in to the knit garment category. I have found when you fall into a certain category that you are scared to death of the other sewing options out there. For example, I went to a Pfaff event at my local sewing shop, Thornton Company. There I met a variety of fellow sewers mostly who quilted and embroidered, I was the only one there that constructed garments. After speaking with my fellow sewers, I found out that they are scared to death to sew knits and they found out I'm scared to death to even attempt a quilt! But I guess when you find what you like, you stick with it.

So, with any spare moment I have in my day you will probably find me knee deep in a pile of knit fabric trying to configure my next sewing project. When I emphasize the knit part, I neglect the woven category (think quilters cotton and flannel). Every time I even try to tangle with woven fabrics, they just shred. (Which totally makes me want to shriek off a mountain top.) So I stick with what I know and comfortable with, for now. Unless someone wants to teach me how to tangle the woven beast! Any takers?

Happy Sewing! 

Heather Naretto