Street Style Patterns: Hoodie and Lounge Pants

It's becoming that time of the year when you are reaching for hoodies and comfy clothes, especially the past few mornings here in Western Pennsylvania. 

So I consider it perfect timing that Street Style Patterns released two new patterns to give us our fix of hoodies and lounge pants. 

First off, lets touch base on the hoodie. This pattern packs versatility with the two hoods styles, scuba or the classic cross over. I opted for the scuba hood for my first go at the pattern, and I have to say it is the only hoodie I own that is not choking me constantly throughout the day. (I'm not exaggerating.)

Note how roomy the hood is!

I have a naturally long body; long arms, legs, and torso. So when I purchase any pattern I usually have to lengthen it in some manner. But since this was for pattern testing I wanted to stay true to the pattern and make no modifications. Let me tell you, I'm so glad that I did! It fit like a glove. The sleeves hit perfectly below the wrist, and even allowed me the extra coziness of being able to extend to midland without force. As for the waistband, it hits perfectly perpendicular mid pant zipper. Spot on a perfect fit. (See picture below for proof!)

For the hoodie body and sleeves, I used a French Terry purchased from my local JoAnn's. The cuffs and waist band were made from yard dyed stripes from Opulent Monsters .


Now lets touch base on the lounge pants. With the options for pants or capris this pattern will get you through all the seasons. 

For my testing I opted for the capri length. (Basically because I had this super duper soft stretch French Terry that I had been hoarding waiting for the perfect pattern, and I knew that this was it!) So I opted to use the French Terry for the legs and I reached for my TKB Prints Splatter skulls for the waist band.

The lounge pants pattern is straight forward and such an easy sew.  Did I mention they are amazingly comfortable?! I can't wait to make some in the pant length to get me through the fall and winter months. ...which I'm sure my husband will be thankful for since my favorite pair of lounge pants are 15+ years old, the waist band is about non existent and have holes everywhere. (Totally embarrassing.. BUT THEY ARE SO COMFY!)

But anyways..  back to these pretty things.

So if you are on the market for an amazing hoodie pattern and some comfy lounge pants, check out Street Style's new patterns! You won't regret it! (PS: These are on sale for a short period of time. Take advantage of the savings while it lasts!!)

Happy Sewing!