Off-The-Shoulder Raglan

Hi, my name is Heather, I have an obsession with making shirts.

I have no idea what has gotten in to me, but I’ve recently decided I HAD to have an off-the-shoulder shirt. I’m not sure if it’s the sexy appeal, or the ultimate comfort look, either way I had to have one. 

So, off I went to find the perfect pattern to achieve my sought after shirt. Low and behold the team at Patterns for Pirates had me covered with some amazing modifications that they showcased during their Raglan Week.

All that was needed to achieve my desired look was the P4P Relaxed Raglan. If you have the pattern great! If not, click here to get yourself the pattern.

Fabric purchased from TKB Prints.

How to:
To get started the first step is to figure out your sizing and get your pattern cut out. Then decide how much of an “off-the-shoulder look” are you trying to achieve. I wanted something very relaxed, non structured, but sexy. Knowing that this was the look I was going for, I knew that I needed to adjust by several inches. I decided to take 3 inches off the top the neckline. Now, if I wanted something a bit more sturdy I’d probably stay within the 1.5-2 inch range to still get satisfactory coverage.

To get started with the pattern modification, you’re going to take your pattern and measure from the top of the neckline down however many inches you’ve decided to shear off. In my case three inches. To adjust, I take my ruler and make little dots across the pattern, three inches below the original neckline. To get my new neckline I kind of play connect the dots with a pencil. (See photo below) You are going to want to complete this step on the front, back, and sleeve pattern pieces.

Now, you're going to need to decide if you want to salvage the pattern that you’ve already cut out or trace a new pattern. I decided to trace out a new pattern because I wanted to keep my original Relaxed Raglan pattern intact with the original neckline for later use. So I just used some tracing cloth that I picked up at Jo-Ann’s and traced out my new pattern. If you go this route just make sure that you are only tracing to the new off-the-shoulder neckline! (See photo below) Once you have it traced, cut out your pattern. 

 TA-DAH! You just created your new off the shoulder neckline! 

Continue to construct the pattern as directed in the P4P Relaxed Raglan directions.

The only thing that will have to change from here on out is the neckband. Once you have your shirt sewn up you will need to measure the neck opening of the shirt. 

The easiest way I have found to measure is by taking my measuring tape and wonder clipping it to the neckline to ensure that nothing slips. 

Measuring the neckline

Once you get your measurement multiply by 85% and then add 1in. for seam allowance.

Ex: Neck opening measures 42inches.
42in. x 85% = 35.7in. + 1in. = 36.7in. neckband is required for the new neckline. 

Attach the neckband as directed by the P4P Relaxed Raglan instructions. 

Now we have ourselves a beautiful new Off-the-Shoulder Raglan!!
(Who plans on doing this with ALL.THE.PATTERNS now?! Yea, me too.)

I hope you enjoy this simple mod, as much as I did!!

Happy Sewing! 

Heather Naretto