Spooky Eyes Pullover

I have to admit,  I love Halloween. The decor, the costumes, PUMPKIN PATCH fun, and all those sweet treats! ;)

So when I saw the new Halloween Doodle fabric released at JoAnn's,  I knew I needed to make something with it. It was like the stars aligned, Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop's Thrifty Thursday rolled around and they were running a special on the Pine Lake Pullover !! It was perfect! I really don't like the boys in hoodies, because they are in carseats and the hood fabric just doesn't make it the easiest on us. So this pullover pattern was the perfect option. 

For the fabric options, I went with the Spooky Eyes Doodle fabric from JoAnn's and stars of TKB Prints.

I did make some minor adjustments with the pattern instructions. Instead of topstitching the collar, I used heat bonding tape. ( I really don't like the topstitching my sewing machine provides and didn't want the stitching of my coverstitch on the collar.) I also had to use a larger zipper than what the pattern stated for the larger size(5t).

I'm pretty happy with the results of the pullovers and the boys love them!! 

Happy Sewing! 


Heather Naretto