Where Does Time Go?!

It has been months, literally months, since I have found a moment to share my makes and take care of my website! That's insane due to the fact that I was so avid about watching my website hits just shortly before. I watched my analytics like a stalker (not joking). haha

But seriously, it got so busy with the holidays and keeping up with pattern testing, regular everyday makes, balancing family time, and work.. so blogging had to take a side seat for a bit.

I have to tell you, I had a accomplished a big feat in 2017. I made over 100 items!! That is huge, for me anyway. This year I plan to hopefully make 100+ items, but this year I would really love for them to be all clothing related.

Also, in 2017 I became a pattern tester for a few different pattern designers, which was an amazing nod at my sewing skills. For 2018, I really hope to buckle down with my pattern testing and really dive in to the whole process.

In 2018 I definitely want to up the ante and get myself out there more and hopefully become a strike off seamstress. That would be pretty amazing. 

I just wanted to drop a quick line and leave you fair warning, be prepared for me to be around a bit more often. ( Hopefully anyways! haha)

I leave you with some of the garments I made at the end of 2017. 

Pattern: Nora by DIBY Club
Fabric: Sincerely Rylee

Pattern: Track Pants by Street Style Patterns
Fabric: Doodle line from JoAnns

Pattern: Crewneck sweatshirt by Brindille & Twig
Fabric: TKB Prints

Pattern: Movie Night Pjs by Sew a Little Seam
Fabric: Peek-a-boo Fabric Shop

Pattern: Crewneck Sweatshirt by Brindille & Twig
Fabric: Fabric Stache

Pattern: Riot & Rave Collection by George and Ginger

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