The Fabric, It Calls Me.

So, I will be the first to admit it.. sometimes I totally underestimate how much I love a fabric. Sometimes you really can't tell how much you like or even dislike a fabric until it's in your hands.

This recently happened when I received a mystery box of fabric from my favorite fabric place,  TKB Prints. TKB is known for their fabulous stars, but they also run some amazing other prints. My personal favorite is the yarn dyed stripes because as my SIL says, "Stripes are timeless".  Seriously TKB stripes are amazing..

But anyways, in my mystery box I was lucky enough to score a yard of "Geek Stripe". As soon as my son saw them, he claimed them. (But he does tend to claim just about every yard of TKB that I get in.) ...But then it happened, I totally fell in love with them too. I actually sat and held them on my couch that evening because I couldn't believe how much I liked them..  So, I bartered and I won. Momma was making herself a shirt with the fabric her own son claimed. (haha)

I am more of a simpler pattern person, so I knew I wanted my stripes for a basic tee. I had stumbled upon the Green Tee by Green Style Creations, and figured it would be the perfect pattern for my stripes. (Tip: Join their FB page for an extreme coupon code. You may just land this pattern for free!) 

To get started with my project I got myself measured and my sizes selected. I'm a bit "hippy" so I tend to have to grade out my sizes, and this pattern followed suit. I also added  1/2in. to the length, because lets face it.. there is nothing worse than a T-shirt that is a bit too short. I opted for the scoop neck (there is a v-neck option too) so it would be a bit more toddler friendly. 

Construction of the shirt was a breeze, and I'm sure that you could bust a ton of these tees out in no time! The only issue I had was with the neckline. I actually attached the neckline, coverstitched it, and tried it on to find the neckline standing straight up. It bothered me enough that I stitch ripped it off and took some length off the neckline, pressed the hell out of it, re-attached it, and coverstitched it again. The ending result was a bit more satisfying. 

So now I have myself the cutest little basic tee. I also learned a valuable lesson, BUY ALL THE FABRIC! :) 




Heather Naretto