My sewing journey started not too long ago, but how far I’ve come and taught myself in a short period of time still really amazes me.

As most people know , and as I’ve wrote about before, my comfort level is with knit fabrics. Stretch, comfort, day-to-day wear- yep that’s my style. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t crave something more, something more stylish and a bit less comfort chic. ;)

My problem with furthering my knowledge of other fabrics is that I hate bothering people with questions. I hate walking into unknown territory. I really dislike failure.

But what I’ve been learning is that success doesn’t come without failure. I really need to step up and put in the effort to make the moves to achieve my desired look. So that is what I’m going to do.

My first step in upping my garment game is getting a new sewing machine!

I have been sewing on a basic Brother 6000i (yes, I know everyone and their brother/sister have one of these!). It has been ok, I mean it’s gotten my through five years of trials and tribulations, but it’s also caused my five years of cursing! (The curse of the Brother bobbin!!) haha

So the past week I’ve really tried to put my nose to the books and look in to some new machines. As of right now i’m looking into a Bernina (front runner) and Pfaff.

The main qualities I’m looking for is durability and efficiency.

I’m trying to maintain basic knit stitches (even though I can easily use my serger, I still need these stitches at times!). I definitely need an automatic button hole foot. ( think beautiful dresses with button front, or a flannel for my husband!) But most importantly I need the strength for the day I decide to finally make myself a pair of jeans!

I’m really hoping to get a new machine rather quickly. I’ve had this urge to totally redo my “comfort wardrobe”, but also know I can’t rush into anything either (Quality machines are expensive!)

So tell me, do you have a preference? Do you have a favorite brand? Tell me who and why! I love hearing everyones stories and experiences.

Happy Sewing!