I’m going for it. I’m going all in, and I’m using this blog post to hold me accountable.

I have been saying for way too long that I want to get more comfortable with woven fabrics and start making woven garments. Usually there is one excuse after another:

I don’t know what I’m doing

I don’t have the time to learn

I don’t have woven fabrics in my stash

I don’t have woven patterns

But that has to stop. I have to stop making excuses and go for it.

It is actually quite amazing how the stars aligned. I was sitting at work a week or so ago and I got an email that Closet Case Patterns came out with three new patterns, the Rome Collection. But not only did they release the new patterns, they also introduced a beginner sewing course which included the Rome Collection. In the course it not only teaches you basic hand sewing functions, it also goes over how to operate your sewing machine, it aids you with the patterns that are included, and so much more! Check out the course here.

Picture is from the Closet Case Patterns website
Pictured: Coral Cielo dress on mannequin with measuring tape draped around. Sewing machine with scissors, thread, and coral fabric. Text says: Learn To Sew Clothing! From first stitch to finished garment.

I told my husband I was thinking of enrolling, because I was really hoping this would light the fire under my butt to get moving. His response was typical Nick, “Cool! Go for it!” … he just can’t wait for the day I feel comfortable enough to make him shirts (especially his beloved flannels!!).

So I started taking notes, scouting fabric sites, and searching for sales. Thankfully this was just before the 4th of July sales started rolling out so I waited a few more days to take advantage of those. I ordered 21.5 yards of fabric from They were offering a 20% discount and free shipping (with $49 purchase), I just couldn’t pass it up.


Pictured: List of notes that includes the Rome Collection patterns and list of suitable fabrics with desired finish. Also listed is my measured size: 8, and estimated yards needed for each pattern.


I came up with a curated, interchangeable ten piece wardrobe. I even went with colors I don’t have in my closet. I went with mostly solids, a few stripes, and one really cool Chambray with neon flecks. The fabric should be here this coming week, which is perfect timing-right before vacation and right when my new sewing machine will be in!!

So if you have any tips, please leave me them in the comments section. The one big question I have is, should I serge all the ends to help reduce the fraying when washing, or will that not make a difference? Again, any and all tips are welcome!

Happy Sewing!