Ogden Cami


I can’t really tell you how long I had been lusting over the Ogden Cami by True Bias, a year? No, probably longer. I was constantly seeing gorgeous photos on Instagram, websites, and blogs all of which included the Ogden Cami. My one hold up on buying it? It is a woven pattern. But with my new outlook on venturing into woven fabrics, I knew I needed it.

It was like the stars aligned, True Bias announced a discount code and I pounced on it! To my luck I had purchased some super affordable wovens to practice with from Sincerely Rylee Fabrics. One of which I knew was destined to be an Ogden Cami.

I have to say, I was quite surprised to see that the pattern doesn’t include layers! It wasn’t a big deal though, I just grabbed a highlighter and highlighted my cutting route since I’m not used to seeing so many lines (sizing layers are my BFF!) and then cut out the pattern. 

Overall, the construction was a breeze. The notches and notations on the pattern were perfect. Directions were simple and easy to follow.

Ok, confession time.

I made this about a month ago, tried it on and the fit was horrible through my chest area. I set it aside for when I had time to figure out what I did… Well one day at work I was listening to my favorite podcast, Love to Sew, and Helen had mentioned about making an Ogden Cami and making sure to notate which is the front and back because you can have really poor fit issues if it’s on backwards. *LIGHT BULB!* Yep, as soon as I got home I threw that puppy on and sure enough it fit perfect. So during my initial try on, it was in fact backwards!

Don’t put your unworn Ogden Cami in the corner for a month like I did. I recommend simply adding something to you back bodice so you know which is the front, and which is the back. (Example: Ribbon, label, etc.) To save me further fit hassle, I have hand stitched some ribbon in the hem of the back lining- so no one will ever see it… except me when I’m searching for the back. In the future, I will probably add the ribbon in before hemming the lining to make it easier(and cleaner).


I do have to make note this was the last garment I had sewn on my Brother sewing machine. Now I can’t wait to make one on my Bernina!

Happy Sewing!

Heather Naretto