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Made For Mermaids| Women’s Amber & Amber + Elton

Can it really be true? 90’s fashion is making a comeback already?! AS IF! … Ok, well maybe it actually is.

Thank goodness that Made For Mermaids has the sewing community covered with their amazing new M4M Clueless Collection. (whoop, whoop! ) The best thing about this collection? While it’s an ode to classic 90’s fashion, all of the pieces are made for everyday wear! Like the new Women’s Amber & Amber + Elton Vest, which is a household favorite.

I know what you’re thinking, a vest? Yes, an awesome, amazing vest that both my 4 year old and I love to pieces. Let’s talk about feeling fierce, sassy, and ready to take some names, all the while looking fancy, studious, and awesome.

The sass is strong with this one.

Now, let’s talk options.
The neckline has the option of a crewneck or v-neck. There are also three lengths included in the pattern. View A gives you the ever so popular crop length. View B (which is what I’m wearing) hits around your natural waist line. View C (shown on my little guy) is a full length top.

For these vests I used Brushed Hacci that I got from The Fab Clique (affiliate link). It’s really a great fabric for the vest because it’s breathable, yet adds warmth. Perfect for layering or wearing alone. This Gold Mustard is my favorite and great for this fall season. I’m seeing this color everywhere right now!!

I see a lot more vests in my near future. My little guy’s school picture day is next week and he is insistent that he will be wearing one of his vests! (He knows the way to his momma’s heart.) Honestly, the vest will probably become a household staple for my boys at every important function - weddings, fancy parties, and all.the.holidays!! So don’t miss out on a great pattern, which packs a ton of use!! Get your patterns here.

I hope you enjoy the Women’s Amber and Amber + Elton as much as we do!

Have any questions or comments? Please feel free to reach out!

Happy Sewing!

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